D1.1.1: Report of clinical requirement specifications
D1.2.1: Report of the state-of-the-art imaging protocols for use in the clinical study
D1.3.1: Development of patient, image and signal database populated with historical data
D1.4.1: Ethical and regulatory approvals for the study
D1.5.1: Acquisition of all the initial clinical data for the study
D1.6.1: Prospective clinical study using project software
D2.1.1: LV personalization
D2.2.1: Deformation modelling and analysis
D2.3.1: Validation MR-US comparison completed
D3.1.1: Reference blood pressure acquisition
D3.1.2: Machine learning implementation
D3.1.3: Algorithm optimisation
D3.2.1: Doppler flow measures
D3.2.2: 1-D model optimisation
D3.2.3: Continuous LV pressure
D3.3.1: Integration with WP6
D4.1.1: Report on observation operators for tagged-MR
D4.1.2: Distance computation tool for cine-MR
D4.2.1: Report on observation operators for ultrasound
D4.3.1: Report on estimation strategies for electrophysiology isochrones
D4.3.2: Verdandi release incorporating estimation strategies for electrophysiology isochrones.
D4.4.1: Metamodelling tools for sensitivity analysis, parameter estimation and model comparison
D4.5.1: Tools for projection of patient data into metamodels and clustering of patients
D5.1.1: Electrophysiological features of heart failure patients
D5.2.1: Image-based activation patterns
D5.3.1: Activation maps from body surface potential mapping
D5.4.1: Personalised Electrophysiological Model from Non-Invasive Data
D5.5.1: Inference of Complementary Information for Clinical Application
D6.1.1: Anatomical model workflow and databasing of models
D6.2.1: Mapping of strain onto library of anatomical models and correlation with regional distribution of disease
D6.3.1: Integration of parameter estimators within large deformation mechanics simulator
D6.4.1: Estimation of mechanical parameters on full cohort of patients
D6.5.1: Validation of model results and proposal of motion based metrics for predicting interventions
D6.6.1: Integration comprehensive flow data and calculation of cardiac efficiencies
D7.1.1: Specifications of plug-ins
D7.2.1: Heart Failure stratification algorithms
D7.3.1: Validation of HF platform with retrospective data
D7.4.1: Report on processing prospective database with HF platform
D8.1.1: External public project website
D8.1.2: Dissemination plan
D8.2.1: Initial exploitation plan
D8.2.2: Updated exploitation plan
D8.2.3: Final exploitation plan
D8.3.1: Intellectual property
D9.1: First periodic report
D9.2: Second periodic report
D9.3 Third periodic report
D9.4 Final Report